I am an actor, not a shoemaker.
In terms of shoemaking, I am a true amateur.

Making shoes has helped me retain at least some of my sanity while waiting for auditions, callbacks and bookings and I do find the idea of creating something useful from scratch, using only your hands and some simple tools very romantic.

I learned making shoes by watching videos on youtube first, got some more hints by looking at pictures on the internet of craftsmen at work and by reading some shoemaking blogs.

But watching an artist or craftsman work is somewhat problematic. As pleasurable as it is, it also seems to be so easy and effortless that one becomes inclined to think “This is not so hard, I can do that, too”.

At least I fell victim to this illusion. (The same fallacy got me also into acting)

The reality was broken awls, bloody fingers, atrocious shoes and a lot of fun.

Just to keep myself busy, I thought I could share some of my personal shoemaking experiences from time to time for people who are bloody beginners like me who make the dumbest mistakes.

Of course my shoes will never meet any professional standard. A professional “Made to Measure” shoe is usually produced by people with many years of experience, often by using a division of labor. A last maker, a clicker, a skiver, a closer, a welter, a finisher.

I’m just a guy having fun while waiting for the phone to ring.

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